Book your stay in Gran Canaria SAFELY thanks to my 100% Covid refund guarantee!

Book your stay in Gran Canaria SAFELY thanks to my 100% Covid refund guarantee!

Gran Canaria in times of Covid

Gran Canaria in times of Covid

05/12/2020 |

Gran Canaria is a safe area again. How is the current situation? What are the regulations, and how were the last months here on the island? You can read it all in this blog. Of course I will update the article regularly as soon as something changes in the rules!


Halfway through March, we went into lockdown. We panicked! Everyone had to rush back to their own country. After that it was empty here.... No tourists at all, it was quite strange! You can see how quiet it was in this video. Here in Spain we were locked in our houses, we were not allowed to go outside... If you had a dog, you were lucky because you were allowed to walk your dog within a radius of certain meters. And you were allowed to go to the nearest supermarket, pharmacy or doctor and nothing else. There were drones above the village, traps at the entrance and exit of your residence and on the highways. The army and the various police forces stood and watched everywhere... It was so frightening that you didn't even want to leave!

Post lockdown

At the end of April the lockdown was finally over, and we were allowed to play sports for 2 hours in the early morning, or play outside with the children in the afternoon. A lot of business opened up again, but in the tourist heart it remained anxiously quiet. The few businesses that dared to do open had some business with the locals. In July and August tourism got a bit going, but not much, and many hotels and accommodations kept their doors closed. And then we were marked as an orange area again. Again no tourists, and again no income. The few hotels that had just reopened closed their doors again. Frustrating!

At the moment, we are on yellow zone again!

Fortunately, things are going very well in Gran Canaria at the moment and the new infections have been relatively low for weeks. So we have been declared a safe area again by the EU and that means that if you have been on holiday here, you no longer have to quarantine when you get home! More and more bars, restaurants and hotels are opening their doors. Thankfully, the fun is slowly but steadily returning!

Current regulations:

Would you like to come? If so, you will need a negative PCR test before checking in at the airport; this may be taken no more than 72 hours before arrilval to Spain. Furthermore, you must fill in the FCS form truthfully, no more than 48 hours before departure. The form will then be sent to you by e-mail and printed out. If you prefer it digital, you can download the app via this same link. Both forms must be in English or Spanish and must be shown when you check in for your flight. At this moment if you are from the UK you will have to do a 5 days isolation back home. 

Once on the spot you need to download the RADAR COVID app. You must leave this app on your phone for up to 15 days after your holiday. It is completely anonymous and the app will warn you if you have been in contact with someone who has been infected. You are required to leave your phone's bluetooth on for the entire holiday.

Furthermore, these are the current local rules:

  • Wearing a mouth mask outside the house is mandatory
  • Wash your hands at each local/shop on entry
  • A maximum of 6 persons may come together
  • Keep a distance of 2 metres
  • Smoking is prohibited on the terraces, on the street and in/near all shopping centres.
  • Closing time of the catering industry is at 11 pm
  • You are only allowed to sit inside and also outside on the terrace, max 6 per table, 2 meter distance from other guests
  • You´re not allowed to be on the street between 11pm and 06 am.
  • Entertainment such as Karaoke, dancing etc. is forbidden.

Those are a lot of rules, but tourists really feel do feel safe here. And all of them have had a wonderful holiday.

I hope to welcome you soon in sunny Gran Canaria!