Book your stay in Gran Canaria SAFELY thanks to my 100% Covid refund guarantee!

Book your stay in Gran Canaria SAFELY thanks to my 100% Covid refund guarantee!

Gran Canaria, is it my destination?

Gran Canaria, is it my destination?

10/02/2020 |

Sun, sea, beach and nightlife... That's what the island is known for, and to be honest, that is where most tourists come for. Yes we have  beautiful beaches, sun in abundance and good temperature the whole year through. Pubs and clubs? We also have plenty, there is enough choice for everyone; sports bars, karaoke, nice beach bars with live music, Dutch and Belgian pubs and of course English pubs. I like to go to the Mulligan´s bar near Aquila Roja, nice terrace, with good live music and friendly staff.

A little more depth?

That is certainly possible! It is a versatile island, but you have to go out for it! The policy of the Canary Islands is to concentrate tourism as much as possible on the south coast and therefore preserve the culture and landscape inland. She has managed that very well. I can therefore warmly recommend that you to rent a house in the mountains, with a rental car and immerse yourself in Canarian life. Would you like a bit of both? Then, book an accommodation in the south, rent a car for a few days and drive to the mountains. There are also a lot of hiking trails on the island, contact me for more information.

Where should I go then?

Especially during the winter months, I would look for a house in the southern part of the island. Temperatures in the inlands and the north can really drop there. I rent out some great properties in the south side of the island

In the picture above you can see the difference in temperature, I dare to say that the green bar represents the central mountains and the north and the yellow bar represents the south. Source:


Do you want sun, sea, beach and nightlife? Then the best place to look is in the tourist heart of Gran Canaria such as Playa del Inglés or Puerto Rico. If you want to be close but still enjoy the peace and quiet, Maspalomas, Meloneras or Puerto de Mogan is a good option. Do you want to soak up culture, enjoy the sun and the beautiful mountains? Then a lovely finca is a good choice. I have some really nice real estates in the south for holiday rentals. Bit of both? Rent a car and explore the island for a few days and in the evening you can tell your adventures at the bar!

Ps Through my website you can book a car at Cicar. This is the best company on the island. With a good all risk insurance, no extra costs or surprises once your signing up.