Discover the finca Horno de la Teja in Mogán

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    Finca Horno de la Teja / Mogán

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Holiday home in Mogán, Gran Canaria

Discover this magnificent holiday home in Mogán, away from the crowds and with all luxury of details. My aim is to make your trip to Gran Canaria an unforgettable experience. That's why I always look for the best holiday accommodation for you and your family.

Rent a villa with private pool in Mogán

If you are looking to rent a villa in Mogán, you have come to the right place. This idyllic holiday home will make your trip to Gran Canaria truly unique and special. What's more, it is a villa with a private pool so you can enjoy the whole experience in a wonderful setting. Disconnection and fun are guaranteed in this villa in Mogán.

Discover the Horno de la Teja Estate

Finca Horno de la Teja is one of our most popular properties when looking for villas in Gran Canaria with private pool. The property has a natural garden and views over the valley. Both for families and large groups of friends, this property offers complete facilities to break away from the routine and enjoy some incredible days. In addition, its location allows you to reach the village of Mogán in just 10 minutes. Undoubtedly, a unique enclave where you can spend your holidays in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


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